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Foundation Year 2 Locum Appointment for Training (FY2 LAT) Experience

The first thing everyone will ask is why do an FY2 LAT post for 1 year when you can get foundation competencies easily signed by working for 3 months or even from your experience back home. Well, let me list the pros and cons of joining FY2 LAT post.

All of this information is not hearsay but from my own experience of working in an FY2 LAT post (2016-17).
So I would recommend, if you have a chance go for it and you will see the difference.
- access to e-portfolio
- protected (bleep free) teaching time once a week (great learning, classes on sutures, chest drains, catheterisation and every common topic you can think of)
- Educational and Clinical Supervisor
-  Seniors treat you differently as a trainee i.e you get more support with your short comings, help with your career goals, encouraging you to utilise study leaves for courses, etc
- rotational post giving you a good experience of working in both medical and surgical specialties, which makes you a good junior doctor
- the transition i…